Adventures of a Solo Traveler | Paris Travel Guide

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Oh Paris, I love you.

My second time in Paris did not disappoint, I had the time of my life! I honestly did not want to come back home. Isn’t that every trip though? I told Charlie, “can I just ship you here”. Haha.

Because I had too much of a good time, I compiled some quick spots to make your upcoming trip a bit easier. There is SO much to do in Paris. If you are able to squeeze one or two spots then you’re good.

To start:

Rue Cremieux

This is the cutest street ever! If you live for the ‘gram, you want to stop by here and snap a photo. It is so colorful and picturesque! I’m so glad I found this neighborhood. Seriously, you need to go. I even found my Paris “dream home” there. Of course, it’s a purple home!


Every area in Paris is super chic, but Montmartre is like the cherry on top. You feel like you are in the movies. There is so much enchantment here, I was on cloud nine the whole time. GO!

Into more touristy/shopping activities? Walk around this street. Here, you’ll see some big name brands and plenty of foodie/shopping opportunities. Because they gear towards travelers, you will find some late night options too.

This is a staple in Champs-Élysées and pretty much all of Paris. Haha. Want some yummy food and delicious macarons? Walk in! Beware lines can be long, but it’s worth the wait.

Arc de Triomphe

More landmarks for the ‘gram!

Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet

Ready to unwind and drink some cocktails? Pay this hotel a visit. Go to their second floor bar and enjoy their relaxing patio. Drinks can be a bit pricey, but worth the experience.

Le Marais

One of my favorite neighborhoods. I love its vibrancy and trendy streets. Here, you can shop, stroll the parks, eat good food and end the night at one of their fun nightlife spots.

Breizh Café

You can’t go to Paris without eating some crepes! I had a very delicious crêpe here! They have some sweet and salty options. Umm too good!


Little Red Door

I’m always looking for a good bar to chill at. If you’re like me, here’s a spot for your list. The concept is super cute and the bartenders are the sweetest. Thanks guys for the free shot! Haha.

Favela Chic

Want to dance the night away? Go to Favela Chic! It’s a vibrant spot with GOOD music. After a few minutes there I texted my fiancé “hey I found our wedding DJ”. The DJ was so electric! Every tune I loved. Wow.

Rue Saint-Marthe

Want to have a fun evening with locals? Visit the 10th arrondissement and especially this street. There are multiple cafés in this area and if you are lucky enough, you will enjoy some live music as well. I did join the party!

Théâtre des Nouveautés

It has to be one of the prettiest theaters in Paris. I love its intimate setting! While in Paris I enjoyed the show called “How to become a Parisian in an hour”. It was so funny! I recommend it.

Cafe Le Brebant

After the theater, are you looking to enjoy some wine and cheeses? Well, here’s your spot! It’s a neat restaurant with fun interiors. I’m all about people watching, so I would recommend sitting in their patio.

Pere Lachaise

Are you into history and culture? Stroll the roads of this popular cemetery. You will be surprised to see the list of famous .

Louvre Museum

Plan ahead if you will visit this museum. It will seriously take you a whole day, if you want walk it all. It’s a maze, you will probably get lost. I believe there is an app!

St. Germain

A cute neighborhood near the Louvre Museum where you can stroll and enjoy its beauty.

Well, that’s my quick Paris guide. If you visit any of these places, please let me know! I would love to hear your experiences. Paris is always a great idea. If you are traveling alone, no worries. It’s such a fun city to do so. So, book it and go.

P.S. I ate snail for the first time and it was quite tasty!