Benefits of unlearning not to speak to strangers

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How often did we hear don’t speak to strangers growing up? I would say very often!

There is definitely some value to this statement, but as I grow older the more I catch myself trying to get out of that mindset. Speaking to strangers is actually amazing! It’s an opportunity to consider new perspectives and even add value to our life.

Many of my favorite experiences have come from this new mindset. Remember my Paris and solo travel experiences? Well, that wouldn’t have been possible without being open to strangers. Not only experiences, but most of my favorite stories have come from it. You know those late-night bar conversations or even those on the metro. Yep… those ones. Here’s a quick example of one of my favorite days with total strangers.

FYI – Charlie is a master at this. I have always admired his way of connecting with those around him. Not going to lie, in the beginning, it took me a while to get used to it. I would be “seriously, do we need to talk to everybody around us?” Maybe it was the introvert in me or the idea of stranger danger.

A few months ago we made a new friend at a bar. I believe it all started because Charlie and I asked him a question about his phone. This guy has the 2019 Samsung flip phone. Y’all this thing is wild. From that conversation to the next we ended up inviting him to the next bar with my family.

 Thankfully, he ended up being a cool dude and his girl too. We have all hung out together several times since we met. If you know Charlie you know he is a social butterfly.

The truth is you seriously never know what comes out of speaking with strangers. It could definitely be your next big thing. Have you thought about that?

Of course, we have to be mindful of this. I’m not encouraging you to engage with EVERYONE around you. There are bad people out there, unfortunately. I’m sure you know this, but I felt the need to clarify.

This blogpost came about due to one of my personal goals. Attending events by myself and talking to strangers can be intimidating. It’s scary, but it typically turns out being meaningful or even taking me from point A to point B. These days we have to be aware of our actions. We easily get glued to our devices once we feel uncomfortable or awkward. I am so guilty of that.

The idea is to be open to the opportunities that may arise by opening up to people. You really just never know who you will meet. Go out and mingle!