Best Things To Do in Austin, Texas

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Oh, Austin! I have been hearing about this city so much lately, especially related to how it’s becoming a millennial magnet. It’s such a vibrant city! If you’re into good vibes, live music and yummy barbecue, pay Austin a visit.

I visited Austin, TX for my birthday and it was a pleasant time. The weather was colder than what I wanted it to be, but still a good time. I stayed in the Rainey Historic District, which has tons of attractions walking distance. Rainey Street is a good spot to have good eats and drinks. I would suggest it as a first stop if you’re into partying all night or your last spot if you want a semi-chill night. It’s a great Sunday Funday spot too!

Below I have compiled list of places you must visit while in Austin.

  • Bungalow

It’s a good chill spot to catch up with friends while having a drink. It’s the cutest bungalow bar with an amazing blueberry mojito. Order it!

  • Iron Works BBQ

Not interested in waiting 2 hours to eat good barbecue? Visit this delicious restaurant, the sweet corn is SO good!

  • G’Raj Mahal

Need a break from BBQ? This Indian restaurant got your back and it’s located in the fun Rainey Street.

  • Container Bar

Also located on Rainey Street, this neat concept bar is full of entertainment. It’s an open space surrounded by shipping containers. I love this new vibe + trend because it’s so industrial looking.

  • Wright’s Brew and Brew

When I travel I typically work and find a coffee shop nearby. This place was a cool spot with a yummy avocado toast!

  • La Barbecue

If you follow me on Instagram or watched my video (above), you saw this spot. The line to get in was crazy! The food was good, but go if you have plenty of time. My friends and I waited for two hours. We did grab some drinks and drank outside while waiting. Insane!

  • West 6th Street

Want to get your party on? Here’s a spot for you! You will notice a mixed district with sport bars, lounges, latin music, etc. In other words, it has a little bit of everything. It definitely gears towards a younger crowd. As said, it’s a millennial city. The strip is full of entertainment.

  • Dirty 6th Street

If you still got more party in you, walk or Uber towards the other side of 6th street. Here is where the party is really happening! The street is closed, lots of cops and plenty of options to enjoy your evening. A glimpse is shown in my video.

  • Fairmont Austin

Want to keep it classy? Visit the bar in this hotel, it has a lovely decor. I had way too many Chocolate Martinis here. They were so good! We had a great afternoon/early evening mingling with other visitors.

  • Elephant Room

This is a cozy jazz place. They do have a cover fee, I believe it’s $10 at the entrance. This spot did have a more mature crowd. Very calm yet lively and romantic. I liked it a lot.

  • Graffiti Park

For all my Instagram lovers, make sure you stop by this park. At the top of the park, you can enjoy a beautiful Austin scenery.

What are your favorite spots in Austin?