Carnival Paradise Getaway | Grand Cayman & Cozumel

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I finally got bit by the cruise bug! After many years of hearing other people’s cruise experiences, I finally hopped aboard.

My experience with Carnival Cruise Line was a blast during their V-Day festivities. My friend and I sure ate our way through the sea and enjoyed an adventurous Galetine’s Day celebration. It’s pretty funny how much food there is everywhere. So yummy!

It was my first cruise and it definitely surpassed my expectations. I enjoyed seeing how organized the crew worked and how they personalized our experience by memorizing our names. Seriously, I was so impressed. They would greet us by our names every day. I loved that!

Our stops were the Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Two beautiful islands where I couldn’t stop staring at their blue waters. So many shades of blue — just stunning. Islands are my jam, as I grew up in the Dominican Republic. They are typically so vibrant, but at the same time so calming and picturesque. Love it.

In addition, it was interesting to see that we had assigned seating for dinner. Our ship ID card stated our table. For some reason, I was never aware of that prior to this trip. It definitely ties back to the organization of the cruise. Everything is all thought out — it sure isn’t their first rodeo!

Because of that you get to know those seated next to you throughout the journey. As usual, we made friends! Post cruise, we even hung out. Beyond the experiences while traveling I love meeting new people. It’s always a good time!

A cruise is both relaxing and thrilling. The sea days in between destinations offer you enough time to recharge to keep exploring. TIP: Download their app and keep up with the cruise schedule while aboard. Their activities are fun and good bonding moments. I was at the comedy club pretty much every night.

I can see myself going on a cruise again. Thanks for the memories Carnival!

P.S. I did stock up on several motion sickness medicines. Getting sea sick was not on my agenda!

Here’s a link to learn more and to book your next trip.

My cruise experience was sponsored by Carnival. As usual, all opinions are my own.