Do What Makes You Happy

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Shouldn’t that be a given? Shouldn’t we always be doing what makes us happy? The answer is: yes and yes.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for many — including myself at times. We tend to let people’s opinion obstruct our plans/vision. We have to understand an opinion is not a fact. You and me are in control of our path and we can’t let others dictate our behavior/future.

This topic brings me back to when I first started this platform. I love creating content and sharing my experiences with you all. It’s both therapeutic and a way to relate with others. Blogging has given me SO much (new friends, became better at photography, money, etc). I look back and I realize wow I have accomplished so much. My content and dynamics have changed over the years — for the better.

But, do you think one day I woke up, decided to blog and created everything? NOPE. It took me a while… At first, I started thinking about what would other people think? Would they say here comes another blogger with crappy content? Who does she think she is? Etc. All these things came to my mind prior to actually buying a domain and pursuing this adventure. It took me a bit to realize I seriously just have one life and shouldn’t be living under other people’s expectations/opinions. No way!


Here am I almost four years later and still living an adventure of a lifetime. This platform has taken me to new cities, to work with awesome brands and to meet fabulous people along the way. Would all that have happened if I hadn’t blocked those thoughts? Hard no.

We have to stop making excuses and living by other people’s standards and start taking action. There are several examples in my life where I decided to fuck it and simply do what makes me happy. We only get one chance at this, so we might as well make it count.