Focus on the journey not the destination, but why?

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Focus on the journey not the destination…

Boy, we sure have heard that a bunch! Am I right? If only it were that simple. Why do we constantly fantasize on the destination without enjoying the little moments prior to it? Seriously. I’m SO guilty of that! It has taken me a long while to shift my mindset and to take small action steps to get myself towards where I want to be. Typically I would go crazy focusing on the end goal.

Looking at the big picture can often become overwhelming and cause anxiety. I say it due to experience. Those around me know how I can get…

I still haven’t reached the “final goal” I’ve set since I was a little girl. But, is that it? Once I get there, what happens? Do I stay stagnant? I think the ups and downs + the hustle are everything in life. It’s what keeps us moving.

I’m writing this as a reminder for myself as well. Why focus all my attention on the “dream” when I can simplify my life and get there step by step? What do you think? Isn’t it better to feel gratification when you accomplish small things? Absolutely! I honestly believe it’s the best feeling and the way to go.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Maxie McCoy, an inspiration speaker and writer. I also had the pleasure to receive a copy of her book, You’re Not Lost, where she dedicates a good portion to this notion. “Think about running a marathon. You’ve taken how many steps? Let’s say thirty-three thousand. And it’s not until the final step that you cross the finish line. Was the last step any different from the first one?” This really puts things into perspective because it’s the reality! The small steps are what get us from point A to point B— nothing else. But, you have to stick to it.

Consistency is king. We can’t just wait for things to show up, unfortunately. We have to stay at it and keep pushing forward. My dad constantly reminds me “an overnight success is typically 10 years in the making.” I chuckle when I hear that. Funny thing is that Maxie also included that in her book. As she says “The most successful people I know have just stuck with their ambitions, whatever those were— designing, selling, making, baking, creating. They just kept going, like little engines that could, when there was no glamour or accolades. They kept going with their small plans.”

Are you currently feeling overwhelmed with your goals? Have you broken things down and created an action plan? If not, I highly recommend it. I also encourage you to read Maxie’s book, You’re Not Lost. It has a great action plan to help you break things down. Not only that, it helps you find clarity and truly realize you’re not lost. Even better— that you are not alone! With so much uncertainty we often believe we are the only ones in the world with this “problem.” As Charlie likes to tell me, “Lucielle keep pushing forward.”