Here is Why Girls Trips Are Essential

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This past weekend I went to Puerto Rico for my friend’s bachelorette party, which prompted me to write this post.

There are so many stories that come from traveling, but nothing compares to the stories that come out of girls’ trips. Am I right? From sharing boy and intimate stories while getting ready to meeting new people while dancing the night away. It’s truly a pleasant time when you gather a group of women to let loose.

I am at the stage in my life where everyone around me is getting married, therefore I have several bachelorette get-togethers in the pipeline. For those people reading this post that haven’t reached that stage yet or maybe have passed it, book yourself a girls’ trip. There is just so much energy and chit chat that come with it.

Of course, bachelorette parties can anticipate some sort of stress due to not knowing every single girl on the trip. Perhaps just coordinating a quick getaway with your closest girlfriends is the way to go. I think from now on I am going to be more mindful of making these sorts of trips happen.

I love hanging out with people, but oftentimes, I am stuck in my own routine/plans and forget to continue to strengthen relationships. Coordinating an annual girls’ trip would be ideal and honestly so fun. There are moments when you just want to forget about everyone else and really connect with your main girls. We are all busy these days, so let’s start making this a priority. A moment where we disconnect, reminisce old memories and create new ones.

One of my favorite aspects of going on girls’ trip is the late-night talks. You seriously talk about the funniest and craziest things ever. Things you wouldn’t discuss with anyone else. It’s the best! When was the last time you went on a girls’ trip?

If you need an extra boost to book a flight and join your besties, here are a couple.

I truly believe it helps with your mental health and happiness. You can have the best boyfriend or husband, have a great relationship with your family, but every girl needs her gals. I’ve been in and out of groups due to relocations, different points of view, but I still gravitate towards my selective group. When I’m around them I feel good, therefore I need to make sure I make more time for that.

It’s been hard adapting to a life of working from home and not having many girlfriends around. Plus, my issue of not letting people in and creating an imaginary wall between us. It’s all mainly caused because I tend to be super closed off, private and an image protector — even though I am very outgoing. But, that’s a whole new conversation.

The point is a girls’ trip can allow you to boost your happiness, a better mental state and form a sense of belonging. We are in this world to feel connected, loved and appreciated. You might be a girls’ trip away to reawaken or sense those feelings.

Start navigating people’s calendars and book that trip!