Hop on these 6 virtual train rides

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I have so many fond memories of traveling via trains. I remember my first crossed borders train ride back in 2016 from France to Belgium. It was such an amazing experience.

Prior to embarking on this ride, I had heard stories of how charming the experience can be and I always pictured myself as in the movies reading and writing while being delighted by breathtaking views. Well, I did do just that. I got my computer out and blogged during the majority of the journey. It felt magical.

Many of us are craving those experiences right now. We want to go out and explore the world freely, but the current pandemic situation just doesn’t allow so. Therefore, I have compiled six awesome virtual train rides that might satisfy those current desires.

On many occasions when I’ve felt unmotivated and tired at staring at the same old walls I’ve streamed one of these train rides on my tv and everything just seemed to flow much better. Those that embrace the outside for inspiration might find these videos very beneficial.

Here you go.
1. Bernina Railway, Switzerland to Italy
2. North Wales Coast Line, England to Wales
3. South Western Railway, England
4. Ferrocarril Central Andino, Peru
5. Bergen to Oslo, Norway
6. Geibi Line to Fukuen Line, Japan

Did I miss any that you love? Share them below!