How we Unwind & Wined at a French Chateau

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The summer of 2019 was a total dream for Charlie and me. We got to enjoy our honeymoon, see our good friends get married in Greece and also stay at a beautiful French chateau. This is a summer we will never forget.

It has been six months since we were at the Chateau du Grand-Lucé and we still chat about our experience. I look back and still question myself, was that real?

This eighteenth-century beauty with 17 rooms, creamy white limestone floors and a beautiful garden was just for ourselves. Yes, just us and the staff. No one else. Charlie and I were in total awe. Since the moment the gates opened it became so surreal and magical.

Our days were so relaxing, enjoying our meals and our Sancerre wine al fresco surrounded by the original medieval walls. We dipped our feet in the pool, worked for a little bit and took the views in. I could never forget their grounds. Everywhere you looked was picture perfect. No joke. The garden was inspired by the gardens of Versailles, which you probably know is also a dream.

I’ve read and heard about the history of the Loire Valley in France, but never really imagined I would enjoy it myself. The French aristocrats from back in the day used to vacation here. And look now, Charlie and Lucielle from little old Tampa enjoyed it themselves.

The pictures below speak alone. I 100% recommend vacationing in this part of France. It’s about a 2 and a half-hour drive from Paris, which makes it very convenient to visit. We rented a car at the Charles de Gaulle airport and made our way over. It was a pleasant drive.

There are hundreds of chateaus for you to tour around. You read right — hundreds! If you rent a car, it will be easier to move around. Although you can arrive by train and there are tour companies which would handle your transportation. Once you are there, you will feel like you are living out of a Disney fairytale. There are so many beautiful little details that make it so special.

We are truly grateful for the attention over at the Chateau du Grand-Lucé. It was a marvelous experience that we couldn’t really replicate anywhere else. Forever in our hearts and memories. We hope you are able to experience it yourself.

My stay at the Chateau du Grand-Lucé was sponsored. As usual, all opinions are my own.