How your skin affects your self-confidence

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Confidence, such a strong word. Have you thought about how your skin affects your self-confidence?

I’m a huge believer that beauty and confidence come from within, but sometimes we need some “boosters” to up our game. Am I right? We tend to buy beauty products because we feel connected with the brand, recommendations or simply because we want to feel good.

“Though beauty is only skin deep, how your skin looks can affect your self-esteem. Skin is one of the first things others notice about you, and it is probably the first thing you notice about yourself when you look in the mirror every morning.”  – Kori Ellis

We don’t necessarily live in a shallow world, but appearances and how we project ourselves are very important.

Do I love beauty products? Absolutely! I’m such a beauty junkie. I love researching new products and ingredients. Trying new beauty products is seriously one of my favorite things to do. Finding a good beauty regimen has been super important to me. It’s not only a “hobby,” but I see it as a reflection of what’s already inside — you know really inside, the good stuff. When my skin looks healthy, I see a correlation in my self-projection. Is that bad?

How are you working on making sure what’s inside knows see its value and beauty? We are typically caught in the hustle and bustle and forget to nurture ourselves. If you rely on beauty products to feel good then you are doing it wrong. Let’s embrace our flaws and what make us different. Sometimes resting, positive affirmations, water and exercise is all we need. What makes you feel confident? Share it with us!

The same rules apply to beauty products too. If you find that using makeup boosts your confidence (which 60% of women say it does) then by all means use if, but be sure to do a product check first. – Net Doctor

I’m all about cheering people up. If you notice someone needs help feeling comfortable in their own skin, give them some love or a suggestion. Let’s keep building each other up!!!!

Here are quick reminders from She Knows:

– Good skin makes you feel beautiful
– Good skin helps you become more confident
– Good skin allows you to be more social
– Good skin is part of a healthy lifestyle