Just Ask, It’s Worth It

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Have you missed an awesome opportunity because you were too afraid to ask?  I bet you were very disappointed and probably saying over and over again, what if? What if?
What if you would have asked and that person would’ve said YES? You would’ve had an experience of a lifetime or would’ve probably been a step closer to your goal.
I’m writing this because recently I lived one of the best experiences of my life, simply because I had the motivation of asking. You are now probably thinking what is this? What experience is she talking about? Please allow me to take you on this journey.
If you don’t want to miss out, you have to:

  1. Have a defined goal

You must know what you want in life.
Since 2015, I have been blogging about beauty and fashion. It’s my happy place where I get to share what I like. By blogging I have had the opportunity to go to places and also collaborate with brands. I know this is the industry where I want to be involved.
Last September I went to New York Fashion Week. It has been my goal to attend since pretty much forever. If you love fashion, it’s definitely the place to be. Yes, I had a defined goal. In order for me to attend, I emailed so many people and I got invites to the shows. I requested time off from work and I had an amazing experience.
Once I came back to Tampa, that same day, I received an invite to Paris Fashion Week. I was shocked and excited at the same time. I couldn’t believe it. I just came back from NY and I’m already getting invites to attend PFW. OH WOW, I can’t go though. I would have to leave in two weeks. How do I tell my boss that I now want to leave to Paris? I just came back.
I thought about it for two days and realized: No, I’ll go next year. Now I have these contacts and I will definitely reach out to them next season. I was proud of myself, I have developed contacts that are now reaching out to me without me pitching them to get an invite. You may not know this, but PFW is considered the “mom of all the fashion weeks.” NYFW started before Paris, but Paris is definitely the ultimate place. I can’t still believe it.
Even though you know where you are going, you have to surround yourself with people that push you to do more.

  1. Surround yourself with people that push you to do more

Two days later I went out to dinner with my fellow Toastmasters (public speaking group) and told them all about NY and the situation with Paris. They were all excited and proud of me. They encouraged me by saying I had nothing to lose and I should ask my boss.
Because they gave me an extra push, I said to myself I have to do it tomorrow. Why not, Lucielle?

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask

This can be the hard part.
The next day at the office I knew it was the time. It was pretty much now or never. I had to tell my employer about this amazing opportunity because you just never know. What if she said yes?
As my fellow Toastmasters mentioned: The worst thing that could happen is that they say NO. I pretty much had nothing lose. I knew what I wanted and I simply had to go for it. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous.
After thinking about it for a few minutes, I went to speak with my boss and I told her all about it. Guess what guys? SHE WAS THRILLED! She couldn’t be happier and proud. She told me I had to go. That she couldn’t hold me back and this was going to be an amazing opportunity for me.
I was so exhilarated, I was going to Paris in two weeks. I couldn’t believe it!
Because I had all these components I was able to live this experience to the fullest. I had a blast! Just remember why not? Why not you? Just ask, it’s worth it!
Have you had a similar experience? Let me know below.