My Healing Journey in Nature

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Tough times often make you realize that simple things are the things you miss the most and what you considered “essential” in life is really not. Priorities tend to shift and what used to be the norm no longer is, which can actually be a good thing.

I’ve always been a lover for the outdoors. I’ve always enjoyed a quick stroll around the block. But sometimes I’m too caught up with my own routine that I don’t realize the power and beauty of being outside. Looking back, I definitely took for granted the privilege to simply walk outside without any worry. It baffles me to realize the little things I wish I could do right now.

During this quarantine, the few moments I’ve been able to step outside and just breathe fresh air have been a blessing. Wow. I’ve always viewed nature as therapy, but this experience has been a true testament to it.

Through this adjustment process, I’ve had so many instances where my mind has been racing, facing a lack of focus, or just feeling stuck. I am certain many of you reading this are nodding as you can relate as well. It has sure been a continuous process with ups and downs. Those moments of clarity have been accomplished by simply stepping outside. Really.

I know everyone’s situation is completely different due to their location and regulation. I just hope you have a small window you can open up and feel the fresh air.

There is truly something healing in nature. I tend to close my eyes and feel the breeze touch my skin. With just a few inhales and exhales things start feeling slightly different. What a blessing! The most precious things in life truly cost nothing.

Like everyone, I’ve been adapting to this new normal. I’ve reflected and recognized those elements that will now become non-negotiable in my life. You better believe taking a few moments throughout my week to step outside, walk a bit, and unwind is part of it. It’s those things that you knew, but never really put too much thought into it or action. Well, we need things to be shaken up in order to refocus and see things differently. If not, we’ll always be revolving around the same sp

What are your non-negotiables moving forward? What are you incorporating in your daily life post-COVID? It’s hard to come up with some positives when the world is going through a crisis, but deep down good things tend to arise. Dive deep, reflect, adapt and rise.

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