My Wedding Photos | First Look

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This post is long overdue. I have kept my wedding photos really close to my heart for my own/immediate family enjoyment. We’ve been obsessed! I can’t believe Charlie and I have been married for three months now. That’s crazy! This post only includes my getting ready photos and first look. More to come! In this blogging world, it’s really hard to identify what should remain public and what should be shared online. Everything is pretty fluid and part of our lives, especially if it’s a personal blog. For that reason, I wanted to slow things down. I wanted to feel like these photos were just mine. It’s not like I will lose them afterward, but it’s just a different feeling. So many people in my circle have asked about these precious photos. I always answered, “one day I will share them.” That day is today! It was so hard to select which ones to post. We have so many amazing photos, our photographer did an amazing job. I can’t say that enough! You’ll see what I’m talking about. She truly captured our essence! To my future brides, here’s a wedding day guide. I’m sharing some essential tips some might overlook. I highly encourage you to read it! I 100% wish I could repeat this day. Everything went so smooth, which I am very thankful for my vendors. My family was so happy and continue to say they had the best time ever! That warms my heart. The married girls understand. You spend a ton of money and time to hope everything turns out amazing. OK, now it’s time for the photos. Scroll and enjoy! OH OH, here comes the bride! Stay tuned for more.