NEVER GIVE UP | #ActuallySheCan Panel

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We all have our ups and downs in life, moments when we doubt our potential and feel like we are “not good enough.” I know I’ve had those moments several times. That’s when I stand up and say out loud “I CAN DO THIS.”
No one in this world knows your potential more than yourself, and even sometimes you surprise yourself. For that reason, you need to simply go for it and forget about the “noise” around. Those telling you that you can’t do it, that it’s absurd or simply that it’s not worth it. Well, guess what? You can do it, it’s not absurd and it’s TOTALLY worth it.


(left to right) Annie Wang Co-Founder of Her Campus, Laura Brounstein Special Projects Director of Cosmopolitan, me, Kristin McGee Celebrity Yoga Instructor and Jennifer Walsh Beauty Retail Veteran

As I’m not overloaded with school anymore, I use my time to learn, network and mingle. Recently, I went to this awesome event. It was an #ActuallySheCan panel, an event where real professionals talk about how to take their personal lives from campus to career. Here, I met like-minded women who believe in women empowerment. Ladies who truly think that the sky is the limit. I was amazed!  It was the perfect boost of confidence.
In life, we have to take risks. Unfortunately, success does not come easily. For that reason, you need to jump and stay focus. There will always be people telling you that it’s too hard and bringing you down. But, as Russell Wilson says “Why not me?”
At the panel I met an awesome lady, Jennifer Walsh. She’s an entrepreneur and beauty retail veteran. Walsh said many people told her that her business idea was not worth it, but she kept on going. Her story is unbelievable, she was told even by her parents that her beauty boutique idea was not a smart one. Guess what? She still decided to pursue it and she created the Beauty Bar and it turned out to be a success. And, after several years, she sold it to Amazon. Fact: this was before Sephora and Ulta existed. Walsh definitely had a vision. It was her first company and she was only 28 years old. Impressive!

(left to right) me and Laura Brounstein Special Projects Director of Cosmopolitan

There is no better moment to work towards your goal than right now.
Being in your early twenties can be a fun and adventurous stage, but it can also be a scary one. You are out of college or almost done and the “real world” is looking at you. It’s asking you “are you prepared?” At this point, I’m scared and frightened and I ask myself am I prepared? Am I going to find a job? Lately, I’ve been nervous and stressed when I think about the future. Yeah, it is scary! I’m excited because I’m going to become a “real adult” with real responsibilities (so much fun), but I’m worried because I don’t know If I’m going to succeed. We go to college hoping we become successful in our area of interest, but how do we achieve this?
My only advice: work for it.
I’m glad I attended this event, you should definitely follow this hashtag #ActuallySheCan. It’s a great campaign empowering women all over the country. Because self-doubt is not going to lead us to success, but confidence will.
Believe in yourself, gather yourself with like-minded people and go conquer the world. Yeah, I know it sounds cheesy, but go for it. As I follow my passion, I want to help others. Sometimes all we need is another voice reminding us that we can do it too. Remember “women empower one another.”
Also, don’t forget, NEVER GIVE UP!
Lucielle Salomon