Freelance Articles

Freelance Articles

ECOCULT | 13 Fashion Brands Designing Out Waste
It’s time fashion brands start to reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover. Here are some brands that are reusing and reimagining waste that would otherwise be destined for the landfill.

ECOCULT | 28 Black-Owned American Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Businesses
In an effort to continue to support and amplify the voices of our fellow Black Americans who work in fashion, here’s a roundup of Black-owned American ethical and sustainable fashion businesses for you to support now, and forever.

ECOCULT | 62 Black-Owned Non-Toxic Beauty Brands
It’s no secret that women of color have not been offered the same variety of products that exist for light-skinned women, but what might be news is that the small section that does exist often comes with many high health risks. Here’s our roundup of Black-owned non-toxic beauty brands.

ECOCULT | Should You Try Probiotic Skincare?
Probiotics is a wellness buzzword that is thrown around a lot these days and many beauty brands have been jumping on the probiotics wagon using both live bacteria and non-live probiotics for its products. If you’re introducing probiotics to your beauty routine, here are our top picks.

ECOCULT | 15 Sustainable and Non-Toxic Perfume Brands
The fragrance world faces scrutiny for its opaque and confusing labeling — especially around natural and organic fragrances. Here’s what to look in your next shopping spree and our roundup of sustainable and non-toxic perfume brands.