Power Up with an Outfit

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Today I write about a topic that speaks close to my heart. Besides building a company and helping others with their business, my passion is supporting women. By encouragement or mentorship, there are so many ways to lift each other up.

Starting my company this year has allowed me to meet SO many talented women. It’s incredible to hear their stories, how they started and struggles. To build something is not easy! It takes time, dedication and in many occasions a village. For those bloggers reading, “do you remember when you started blogging?” Yeah, I’m sure you are saying, “oh yeaah.”

For those thinking about starting something big or small, what’s holding you back? Is it what people would say? Don’t know where to start? Too old? Too young? Trust me, all these questions start coming into play. YOU just have to go for it, seriously. The time is NOW. What are you waiting for?

When I started my PR and social media agency, I sure had moments where I was doubting myself. Can I make it? Will I get clients? I decided to ignore those doubts/excuses and just do it. There is no better time to start something than now. Once you realize what’s your worst-case scenario, all your nervousness and stress level goes down. No need to freak out when you know what’s the worst thing that could happen. Why be afraid? You already know. In my case, I had moments where I froze and started to freak out and doubt myself. What if I made the wrong decision? What if I go broke? Etc etc. I thought about it and my worst-case scenario would be finding another job. That’s it and definitely not that bad at all. If this doesn’t work out, I’ll apply for another job, restructure my company and go back at it again. It’s a game! Sometimes you must lose to win.

To get out of our comfort zone, we might need a power outfit to act fearless. That’s one of my key things. This particular dress “The Kennedy” by Camilyn Beth, a Sarasota (Florida) designer, does just that. You sometimes need an outfit that adds you that extra boost of confidence to speak up. So Jackie-0! Love her.

When you are a young business owner, you are going to start meeting/negotiating with people that are double your age, if not older. It’s up to you to show them your confidence and what you’re worth. You might just need a bold lipstick and you are good too. Haha, lipstick is also another form of empowerment for me. #sorrynotsorry. What’s yours? Let me know below.

Doing what you love and enjoy is so rewarding and worth it. When I work, I usually listen to podcasts. Do you listen to podcasts? I’m hooked with NPR’s How I Built This. Recently I listened to an episode about WeWork, a co-work space. One of the founders said that there is a major shift happening right now in terms of young people going to work every day and thinking what they are getting out of it. People don’t want to punch the clock anymore and then start their life when they get out of work. They want their life and work to be integrated and feel value of what they do every day.

That’s exactly my mentality. I don’t need to be at an office from 9-5. Some days I want to work from 7:30a to 6p. Other days from 6a to 8p for example. That work model just didn’t suit me. I asked myself is this a millennial thing or just me? Who knows? The reward of being in control of my schedule is just priceless. Your time is now!

*This dress was a gift from the designer. All opinions are my own.