How my PR job complements my blog

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Excited to be at Paris Fashion Week 2017 for the first time! It’s definitely a dream come true. If you would have told me last year, when I started my blog, that I was going to attend Paris Fashion Week now, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s definitely a milestone in my blog journey. Those of you who know the fashion industry know how “exclusive” it can be. Yup, here I am!

After many people asking me how I am able to attend New York Fashion Week and now Paris Fashion Week, I started realizing that working in public relations has helped me achieve most of my blog goals. Why is that? I get to see both sides of the industry. As a PR person, I get to connect with bloggers. I invite them to client events and handle most logistics. As a blogger, I have to be connected with PR firms. That’s how I am going to grow my blog and make it interesting. PR firms have to become my “best friends.” Once I am in their system, I will know what’s happening around me.

My PR background has allowed me, as a blogger, to network and build good relationships with people/brands. It has opened me doors to multiple experiences I have never thought of. PR firms are your day-to-day contacts. They help you gain exposure and work with brands, which is the goal of every blogger. I have to say: I am glad both of my passions complement each other. I get to see the good and the bad. Plus, I can appreciate more the connections I make.

Because I am not afraid to expose myself and speak/email people, I have landed where I am. It’s all about connecting with the right people. Thankfully I get to experience both sides and I am able to understand the business. Instead of pitching my client to the media, I apply those skills to pitch myself to a PR firm. Instead of making my client relevant, I make my blog relevant. Same thing. PR is definitely the best job for a blogger. What do you think?

Can’t wait to share with you my Paris journey!