The Power of Journaling

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About two years ago I was introduced to journaling, a way to keep track of day to day goals and successes. Those little moments that sometimes we take for granted, we can write it down and reflect on them.
Thanks to Alina Alvarez and Sonya Frazier I’ve been trying to keep it up. These ladies are true motivation and do amazing work.

“My journal is my looking glass. It allows me a safe place to document some of my innermost thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement. In my journal(s) I feel what I feel and write what I write,” says Sonya. “There is no need to second guess what I’m saying or edit the content so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. In my journal I am truly free and completely vulnerable.”

Benefits/why should you do it, by Sonya.

  • Everyone needs an outlet. Unlike people, you can access your journal 24/7. Journaling is very therapeutic.
  • Track your personal growth. You are able to go back and time and review how much you have grown as a person and remind yourself of your accomplishments/challenges you have faced and overcome.
  • De-clutter your brain and organize your thoughts. Journaling helps to clear out your mental space so you can focus your thoughts which will in turn help focus your actions.

I totally agree with her! We all need an outlet to gather our thoughts and refocus. Writing things down is actually enjoyable. I’m not going to say it’s easy. I sometimes fall off the wagon, but the more I do it, I realize how beneficial it is. There is something about daily reminders, it attracts anything you are searching for. Don’t you agree?
The cute journal above is from Alina Alvarez Gratitive company. Check them out! They have such a cute mantra. The slim look makes it easy for us to travel with – let’s document our travels.
“I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal since 2007.  I started journaling because I read in a magazine that it could help me reduce stress, improve my health, be connected with the present and ultimately be happier,” says Alina.  “I feel that despite all the negativity, challenges, and ups-and-downs I constantly have in my life, I am happy.”
We all go through struggles in our lives, it’s part of our journey. Let’s turn the negatives into positives. Let’s make sure every moment counts!
As Alina says, “The discipline of writing about my day has opened a space in my brain that was cluttered before. I sleep better now. I truly appreciate everything (well, almost) everything around me. I still take a lot of experiences for granted. I don’t get as affected by negativity like I use to. I always try to see the positive in everything.”
Hopefully these ladies have inspired you as much as me. Have you thought about journaling? You should give it a try. If you decide to do so, please let me know how it goes. Tag me @luciellesalomon. Remember journaling never ends, it’s an on-going project. Let it guide you through self-improvement.