The Rise of Purposeful Travels

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The role travel plays in our lives keeps evolving. Many travel to escape their reality and others to actually reconnect. More than ever, travel has become more purpose-driven and an ally for deeper personal discovery.
Purposeful travel is more than just a vacation and not necessarily all soul searching.

Traveling with something in mind other than the destination itself can be considered a purposeful trip. I would say it’s making meaningful connections over simple relaxation. It’s to do more with our time and money than focusing on the sights and getting some rest.  This way of traveling not only improves us but also the communities we visit. It allows us to make authentic connections with those we encounter along the way.

Below are some ways to give meaning to your adventures:

To learn
You might be interested to learn more about a culture, a certain area of study and that drive pushes you to explore while gaining some insights around the topic.






To volunteer
This particular section is self-explanatory, therefore no need to further discuss. I would say this is an area where I am looking to expand and travel for. I volunteer on a regular basis in my local community, but I haven’t made it a mission yet to do so abroad. It definitely enriches our life.

To improve your health
This could be both mental and physical. Opportunities to improve your health could be climbing a mountain, disconnecting from the internet, attending a yoga retreat, etc. I’m sure you can come up with millions of examples.

For spirituality, among other reasons.

I travel as a vehicle for deeper personal discovery and excitement. I hope to not only inspire you to also travel to the places I write about and care for but to make you realize the reasons you travel in the first place and help you discover which lessons you can take away from your own personal journeys.

Why do you travel?