Think Big, Start Small

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Think Big, start Small. Sometimes easier said than done.

Focusing on the bigger picture typically inhibits us to move forward. It tends to intimidate us to take the first step — at least in my case.

Lately I have been writing down my goals and then roadmapping my way there. After reading this technique I realized it was a game changer. Taking small steps is not intimidating as the big goal can be . Little by little I can get anywhere. Well, we all can.

Those little steps are seriously everything! We can’t get to the finish line without taking one step after the other. Right? Picture a marathon race. How many steps does it take? A LOT. It’s definitely the same with our goals, taking baby steps is the way to go.

I’m a list and goal person. I update my to-do list daily and currently making sure it outlines my way to the big picture. This seriously took me a while to realize and to put in motion. I’m still not a master at it, but it has helped me accomplish things that without a road map looked impossible.

Have you ever procrastinated? I’m certain you are giggling right now and saying to yourself: AHH YEAH. Yup, we all procrastinate at some point in our lives. Maybe you are like me and you found yourself doing it over and over again.

Let me be honest with you. This blogpost actually took me three weeks to write. Was I actually writing it for three weeks? NOPE. It was my intention to get it done [end goal], but I hadn’t taken the small steps to get there.

With my new mindset/approach I decided to take the first step. In this case, I had to start a draft. In many occasions, the first step is what we dread. After that, we get the hang of it and keep going. Can you relate? I’m certain I am not the only one. It happens…

From now on keep that in mind. Once you have that BIG goal in mind, write it down. Then make a diagram or bullet points of the steps you need to get there. You start taking those steps daily and I’m 100% sure you will get there. Little by little it all comes together.