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My favorite recap EVER is finally live! This trip was a dream come true. I am so grateful I was able to take the time and visit these beautiful countries. There are so many reasons why you should pack up and visit another country and here I have listed my top 5 reasons to travel abroad with a video as a bonus. Here you go!

1. You become adaptable

When traveling unforeseen things happen, it’s just a fact. What you plan may end up not happening, therefore you just have to get used to it and move on. I would say this is one of my favorite lessons that I apply to my everyday life. Although I hope things go as planned, I just let things flow and enjoy the ride.

2. You become more comfortable with discomfort

Traveling to unfamiliar cities definitely takes you out of your comfort zone! Embracing that feeling and immersing yourself in the culture is the game changer. Be flexible and observant, you will be surprised with the experiences.

3. You develop a greater tolerance

Oh yeah! You will meet all sorts of people. If you are traveling with friends and family, you may even see a whole new side of them. By traveling you learn how to tolerate and put aside everyone’s weaknesses. You just have to love them!

4. New friendships

Recently my goal has been to establish a relationship with at least one person from every country I visit. Someone you can become Facebook friends and hopefully catch up here and there. Of course, nothing forced. I’m grateful that I have developed new international friendships. I may not have one at every country, but a couple that I would love to see again. Have you developed international friends? Isn’t it the best?

5. Opportunity for personal growth!

This is a no brainer! The adventure that comes with traveling enhances you — for sure. I would say this encompasses the above points. I feel like when you come back home, you come refreshed and with a new perspective of life. Not to mention, the reflection that comes with it. You realize how different every culture is, but what brings us together as well.

Life is meant to be lived! Consider visiting that country that has been on your list for a while. Check it off! You will have an experience of a lifetime and the memories that come with it are priceless.

What are your top reason to travel abroad? Share them with me.

Places I visited:

*Hong Kong




Top 5 Reasons To Travel Abroad

Top 5 Reasons To Travel Abroad

Top 5 Reasons To Travel Abroad

Here I leave you with one of my favorite reads about traveling abroad.


Top 5 Reasons To Travel Abroad