What are you thankful for? | Thanksgiving

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Hey guys,

It’s almost Thanksgiving, time to reflect and be thankful. Thanks is such a short word, but how often do we actually say it. Sometimes we forget how impactful saying “thanks” can be.

Maybe it’s hard for you to express it, well have you thought about writing it down? If so, Gratitive has a cute little journal. It can help you create that rhythm, plus it can be a cute little present.

Check it out here!


What are you thankful for this year?

I’m thankful…

*for my family, for always being there and supporting me, mainly when I have a crazy idea.

*for becoming an aunt, my niece is beautiful. She is adorable, I can’t wait to see her grow!

*for finishing school this year.

*for my loved ones who support me with my blog journey.

*for each and one of you who read and watch my weekly posts.

Thank you!

I decided to ask several bloggers throughout the Tampa Bay area, what are you most thankful for this year? Hopefully they inspire you to count your blessings.

Erika Giovannia

Girly Things by *e*


“I am most thankful for my family’s good health. We had a few health scares this year, but I am very thankful we caught them early and I still have many of the people I love with me to celebrate with today.”

Jenn Thai

This Jenn Girl


“I’m most thankful for my beau, who has been my confidant and partner-in-crime throughout all of the personal and professional growth I’ve experienced this year. I’m so grateful to have someone in my life who proactively pushes me to be the best that I can be, who has helped me celebrate the successes and has been my support system through the struggles. This Jenn Girl wouldn’t be where it is without his enthusiasm and encouragement, and I’m so glad to have him as a partner on this little venture.”

Eugenia Lung

Genia Beme


“I am thankful for my career this year (consulting and blogging). I have been able to get debt free with my consulting job as well as meet lots of wonderful people through my blog this year. I am also thankful for my family that has supported me with my crazy consulting job and my blog.”

Don’t forget to be thankful every day of your life. Remember it’s the little things that matter the most. Go out and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

I would love to see you having fun! Share your moments with me, tag #LSHoliday. Can’t wait!


Lucielle Salomon