Why You Must Be Celebrating Yourself

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Lately, I’ve been guilty of focusing on my flaws and not highlighting my successes. I’ve been super hard on myself and forgetting to celebrate my achievements. Small or big, they are achievements.

Reaching milestones should always be a reason for celebration. I consider myself “a party girl,” but why don’t I throw myself a party for every great achievement. Shouldn’t I be my own cheerleader? I thought I was, but recently I haven’t.

I’ve been allowing Charlie, my husband, to be my “PR person” and highlight my successes. Again, shouldn’t I be my own megaphone? Why do I need someone else to point it out? Aren’t I the one living my life/experiences? So, why don’t I celebrate myself?

As I mature and “restructure” my life, I’m paying close attention to the big steps I’ve made in my life. I decided to cheer myself on! Although I’ve been thankful for surrounding myself with awesome people that support me, no one will do it better than myself.

I may not be exactly where I want to be, but I’m definitely on my way. But, who really is at “the spot” where they want to be? Even super successful people are not most likely ‘there’ either. I think we should always be aspiring for more, but still enjoying where we are at. And, that’s the key here. I haven’t.

On social media, it might seem like I am, but I’m not. Therefore, I’ve been cutting down my social media time and engaging less with people online. It might hurt my business reach, but it sure is making me feel more present and happier. That comparison game that happens online is real. Yup, the struggle is real. Haha.

This blog post comes from my current self-assessment. I’ve never considered myself a depressed person, but lately, I’ve been putting myself in some dark places. Losing confidence, crying and sometimes feeling worthless [professionally]. Guess what? It’s all in my head. It all comes down to not recognizing my winnings. I have been putting so much energy in my weaknesses, the things I don’t have and the steps I haven’t taken. Who cares!!!

I feel so blessed to wake up and get to do what I love. I’m blessed to be surrounded by people that support me and love me. I’m grateful for the values that my parents instilled in me. I’m fortunate enough to recognize that I want more in life and have the motivation of doing it. I’m blessed to have put myself in situations where new opportunities present themselves and I go for it.

My life is not at all bad! From now on [work in progress], I’m seriously celebrating myself. There are so many reasons to celebrate and I don’t need an outsider to show me. I’m living my own life and if I fall a million times, I’m certain I can find two million reasons why I should celebrate. Because you and I should always be celebrating ourselves.