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How many of you dream about traveling around the world? I’m going to assume the majority of you. What’s keeping you from accomplishing that? Is it money? Work? The list can be endless.

Do you spend endless hours looking at other people’s travels and asking yourself how do they do it? Been there, done that.

One of my goals for many years has been to work and travel. I realized that work didn’t have to mean sitting at a desk from 9-5. Why? Why should I commit to those hours when I can be exploring while working? It’s all about my balance and my balance does not include 9-5 and then live my life. But, how do I accomplish that?

As you all know, I had a light bulb moment over a year ago when I was determined I was going to quit my job and start my own thing. That was the only way I could be closer to doing what I wanted to do, work and travel. Of course, you could leave your job and now have the time, but the money has to follow too. Once I took the leap, built my client list and felt like I was at a comfortable spot, Charlie and I booked the trip. Going to Singapore has been on our list for two years, since Charlie’s best friend moved there.

I honestly couldn’t believe we were finally going. Instead of booking a flight directly to Asia, we realized we could make it a fun month long journey. Let’s slowly make our way there! That was Charlie decision. I couldn’t say yes quicker. Why not? We have no kids at the moment and barely any responsibilities besides work. We are taking work with us, so let’s do it! Of course, leading up to our trip we were BUSY getting everything together.

People may be thinking we have spent a fortune on our trip. 

 A tip I learned from Charlie – your final destination doesn’t have to be your first spot. So true! In many occasions where you want to go is the most expensive flight out there. Haha. Recently when we travel, we don’t go directly where we want to go. We slowly get there, save money and explore other places. We each booked 8 flights for $1,100. Yes, just over 1K. Can you believe that? That’s a round trip to most places abroad. That’s our tip to you! Don’t just focus on the final destination. Start looking for places nearby that are cheaper and slowly make your way where you want to visit. Bonus: stay at places where you have free lodging. Do you have any friends and family there? Ask yourself those questions.

That’s a lesson for anything in life! You have to slowly make your way to your goal. You can’t just wake up and wish you are at the finish line. That’s the beauty of the journey! Enjoy the ride and of course the final destination as well. I’m saying this because I am writing this blogpost while in Asia. We seriously don’t want to come home! Haha. It’s too much of a good time.

Airlines we booked with below. We typically go on Google Flights first and see our options there. Google then directs you to the airline’s website.

Southwest Airlines

United Airlines



Enjoy our first part of our trip, Colorado and California. Our Asia video will be up shortly.