You Can Find Meaning Even in Tasks You Don’t Enjoy Doing

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Not every single part of our job [or even life] is fun, unfortunately. We tend to fantasize about the road ahead but realize throughout the journey that the steps can be daunting/boring. Been there, done that. Why don’t we change the narrative?

It’s all about our attitude. We can definitely shift our behaviors and search for the fun/meaning in everything. If we have to do it anyway, why not enjoy it? It sounds easy, I know…

Dan Cable shares a great exercise in regards to this topic. He says, Think about an activity that you don’t always enjoy doing — delivering performance reviews, for example. Now ask yourself why you do it, but ask four times. The first time you ask “Why do I do this?” you might answer, “Because I have to” or “I want to let my people know where they stand.” Then ask a second time: “Why do I want to let my people know where they stand?” The answer here might not be inspiring: “Because it’s part of my job.” But the answer might also start to sound more meaningful: “So that people can know how they can reach their career goals.” Then ask a third time: “Why do I care if people know how to reach their career goals?” Continue for one more iteration. By the fourth round, you’re likely to uncover a meaningful reason behind the activity — and a motivation for doing it well.

I 100% agree with him. Our minds control everything. Because it seems tedious it doesn’t mean it doesn’t fulfill a role in the process. I’m certain without “that particular item,” you may not get from point A to point B. That’s how it works. It all links together.

When we add enthusiasm and engagement, we typically find a sense of purpose. It truly makes a difference.

This motion took me a while to realize and comprehend. As mentioned, it applies to our life in general. There are moments where we have to battle with health issues or family struggles. Do we all want to go through that? Most likely not. But, if you ask yourself the “why.” I’m certain you will uncover a wake-up call and find its meaning. It’s all part of the process.

If it was a health concern, now you know how to take care of yourself. If it was a family matter, maybe you needed that bump to get closer together. Make sure you see things from a different perspective. Things don’t always have to be negative. Again, this has taken me a while to realize.

As Cable says ” Life is short, and we should get the most meaning that we can from it.” It all happens for a reason and I couldn’t agree more.

He honestly says it best “Change your behaviors to match the best story you can believe in, and you are more likely to inspire others and make your work more meaningful.”