Are you really happy or just comfortable?

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Have you thought about this? Are you really happy or just comfortable? Living a life because it’s easy and comfortable could be the reason why you don’t have something better.

Being comfortable means that you are content with how things are going. Is comfort not always a good thing? From experience, being comfortable also means no further self-improvement. For me, this is huge. I need to constantly be reinventing myself to continue to have a healthy emotional balance.

I have a feeling many of us don’t change things up because we confuse happiness with comfort. Sometimes we are stuck and don’t really notice due to this reason. But, how do we differentiate it?

Comfort is indifferent and happiness is fulfilling. If you feel like much is not going on and you are pretty much stagnant then you know what’s happening… You are most likely content with what’s going on. In contrast, you should feel happy when things are moving along and you are ever growing. Feeling stagnant is one of the worst feeling ever! Don’t you agree? The scary part is that some don’t even realize they are stuck and that’s where this whole question comes into play. Are we comfortable or happy?

It really touches every scenario in our lives. It can be in our personal life or professional one. Have you not noticed any movement in your workplace? Is time just passing by? I have been there. Plus, I have noticed people around me feeling content and have such great potential to move up. I truly feel like helping them out.

“The point is, sometimes it’s hard to make a change, even when you know you really need to. As humans, we gravitate toward what we know. We stay in our comfort zones, even when they become uncomfortable.” We need to take a moment and be honest with ourselves. We all deserve bigger and better things and it can all start with that simple question. Are we happy or just comfortable?