I gave in and bought an essential oil diffuser

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Think about it as a small element of your self-care practice or a quick pass for your favorite spa.

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essential oil diffuser

During these high-anxiety times due to the coronavirus, I am very grateful I bought an essential oil diffuser just a couple weeks prior to my self-imposed quarantine.

The idea of owning one always intrigued me after seeing them at several yoga studios, spas and at a friend’s house. I noticed how tranquil the space felt by its presence and aroma. I spend so much time at home that adding a diffuser to create a more relaxed and inviting environment made sense and I am glad I did.

After researching for a bit, as it still was a bit of a foreign world to me, I selected one. There are so many sites out there discussing the benefits and functionality of them. Plus, the differences from one another. It can be quite the rabbit hole once you dive in.

Below are some of the top ones I read about.

I chose this particular one due to it’s supposed large reach. In other words, it’s good for big open spaces.

Let me tell you, having this device on while working is so nice. It just calms me so instantly and it allows me to focus even better. I have become a true advocate as I’m entering and discovering the world of essential oil diffusers. Mine even changes color, which I like to play around with it from time-to-time depending on my mood.

When it comes to the actual essential oils, the combinations seem endless. I went ahead and started with these three: orange sweet, cinnamon, frankincense. I enjoy woody, spicy smells, therefore frankincense was a no-brainer. Cinnamon has always been a staple at my house and orange to boost it up with some freshness. I can see myself buying some different options such as eucalyptus. It’s on my radar.

Unfortunately, Charlie is not a big fan of it yet. I am thinking it’s due to the oil combinations. I selected. We’ll meet in the middle soon. As of now, I enjoy turning it on for a bit for a nice zen and relax time at home.

Do you have an essential oil at home? What are your favorite oil combinations?

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essential oil diffuser
essential oil diffuser