My Wedding Update Attempt

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Thanks Jessica Fredericks for the most amazing engagement photos ever!


My first and probably only wedding update… Let’s see!

I’m definitely one of the worst brides out there. I’m not the one to talk about my wedding for hours or fantasize about the whole idea. I love being engaged and I’m excited for my wedding day, but it’s not like a fairytale to me. If people don’t ask about my wedding plans, I pretty much never bring it up.

I guess it goes with my personality. Although I blog and share bits of my life, I’m a VERY private person. As many would say, I’m very mysterious or secretive. It’s definitely not intentional— just who I am. I can hear others talk about their plans for hours, but when it comes to me— I’m good. Haha.

Our wedding day is less than three months away. That to me is insane! It seems like it was yesterday that we went to Cuba and got engaged. Now spring 2019 is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to see our loved ones there.

Planning process

The planning hasn’t been as stressful— surprisingly. I keep saying everything is going to crumble down at the end. LOL. I’m hoping it doesn’t, of course. I’m saying this because overall it has been a “breeze.” We’ve taken our time to do things and have just been crossing things off our list as we go. I have planned events before, therefore I know things pop up out of nowhere. So, let’s see how things turn out. Haha. Totally not trying to jinx myself here.

Guest list

I would say our “most stressful” part was narrowing down our list. We both have big, social families. Therefore, settling with the guest list has not been my favorite part. Thankfully, we powered through and determined the list early on. After that, looking for venues for the amount people we had was much easier. Bride Tip: I would suggest working on your list before anything else!

Venue search

Once you start the planning you will realize things add up pretty quickly. Searching for an ideal venue took us a bit. We saw about 10 before we settled with one. Each venue can have some random add ons or restrictions that you ask yourself huh? Where did this come from? After many searches we were blessed to find a place that accommodates all of our needs without breaking the bank. Cheers to that my friends!


We want our wedding day to reflect who we are— fun, easy-going and engaging people. We are not traditional folks at all. We don’t have a wedding party, we simply want a party with our closest people. That’s it! Bride Tip: Don’t feel pressured to do things that aren’t you. It’s your day, so plan it your way!


When it comes to decor, I want a simple and natural look. As mentioned above, it’s not a fairytale for us. We are not going extravagant— just a cozy place to celebrate our love. Let’s get the party started!


OHH the dress! I have gotten so many questions around this. It’s interesting to hear what people think my wedding dress will look like. Some people are almost spot on and others are SO far from it. Based on the descriptions stated above I think you can guess how my dress will be. I do have to say picking out the dress was a fun experience. I did overdo it because I went to too many places, although it only took me two weeks to find it. Not bad!

I did know which one would be my wedding dress before even putting it on. I could say that was a “fairytale moment.” The associate at the boutique put a couple dresses in my dressing room and when I saw that particular one I said yes, that’s the one. Indeed it was! I was fortunate enough to share the wedding dress experience with my mom and one of my closest high school friends that flew in from the Dominican Republic. I felt special and a bit overwhelmed— not going to lie.

Music and food (drinks are a given)

Our biggest attention has been around the music and food. That’s definitely something we both care for. I mean… who wouldn’t? I think that’s all people remember. Haha.

Although we’ve managed to keep our planning to ourselves, we have been spoiled throughout the process. We both will have several bachelor and bachelorette parties. Where did all this love come from? WOW. We truly surround ourselves with the most loving, extra and fantastic people. It has been an amazing experience. I might be the “worst bride” but I’m sure enjoying every second of it.

Thanks for all the love you guys! It truly means the world to us.

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