Nowhere Like Home | MA Vlog

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A trip to Massachusetts is always one of my favorite trips ever. This time it was even more special because Charlie went with me! He got to see the house I grew up in and now he met the entire family. Our week in MA was perfect! We toured around and even went to two other states, Maine and New Hampshire.

Do you live far from your hometown? How is it when you go back? I would love to hear your experience. Being surrounded by family is one of favorite things to do. We will talk for hours about crazy things we would do when we were little. Oh, childhood!

Ever since I moved out of Salem when I was 8 years old, I had never walked into my old backyard. It was one of my favorite moments. I had always talked to Charlie about it, but he finally got the chance to see it. My siblings and I had a blast there, we played all sorts of games. Watch the backyard for yourself! Picture it during fall or winter. Imagine all the leaves and snow. Oh, it was an adventure for sure.

Thanks so much for watching the video! I hope you enjoyed it because I sure did, especially those foodie moments. I have this thing with seafood. LOVE IT!