Paris Perfect Travel Diary

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2019 was the year I stayed in the most beautiful places ever.
There were so many pinch-me moment experiences. Wow.

eiffel tower paris

High up on the list is this beautiful Paris Perfect apartment. I have visited Paris numerous times, but never truly experienced it as a local like this time. Staying at the Bergerac apartment in the 7th arrondissement was a total dream.

Paris is hands down one of my favorite places on Earth. Every time I visit the City of Lights, I feel the same sensations I felt the first time around. I can’t honestly explain it. There is truly something magical about it and I am here for it. At this point, I don’t even care if I sound super cliché. I’m just being honest. I love Paris!

Now picture this. Fall in Paris, great weather, an up-close view of the Eiffel Tower from your window and a marvelous 3-bedroom apartment just for yourself. Well, that was exactly my experience. It felt like I was living out of the most hopeless romantic movie ever. I say hopeless because unfortunately my husband, Charlie, was not in Paris with me.

I would have my friend come over and get ready with me. We would then head over to our fashion events, grab drinks at a local bar and fantasize about the idea of living in that neighborhood. While I was there, it really did feel like I lived there. That was pretty much my routine during those days and I was not complaining at all. Well, who would?

Paris Perfect has apartment rentals in the best neighborhoods of Paris. They are all well decorated with that cozy and Parisian charm. The moment I walked into mine, the Bergerac, I was in total awe. I am telling you, it was a surreal moment that I could never forget.

If you would like to not only tour Paris but experience it in a local/luxurious way, I would recommend checking out Paris Perfect. They have a very friendly greeter waiting for you when you arrive at the apartment. He/or she will give you the lay of the land once arrival. You are then good to go to enjoy your time as a true Parisian at heart.

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This post was sponsored by Paris Perfect. As usual, all opinions are my own.