Why sometimes traveling to the same spot is what we need

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Sometimes traveling to the same destination is exactly what you need.

Growing up I always felt the urge of traveling and experiencing new things. I always knew there would be a point in my life in which I would check off bucket list places. But as I get older, this has somewhat changed. I say ‘somewhat’ because I still enjoy traveling and discovering new places but I love revisiting old ones. I originally had the mentality of pretty much one and done. In other words, I would go to XYZ city or country and move on to the next.

Now I feel like teleporting myself to Paris at least once a month — if only. OK, OK let’s be realistic here. I would say at least twice a year.
And you know what, sometimes the heart gets what the heart wants. And that is OK.

I sense many people feel pressured to continuously check out new destinations because that’s the thing to do. Hey, I get it. We have a limited time on this planet and honestly many of us aren’t blessed with unlimited resources. Therefore, we have to maximize our time in this precious world as much as possible. But, if you are only giving up your favorite place in the whole wide world, the place that gives you so much energy and inspiration because you feel that it is the norm then you are doing it all wrong. Both inside and outside pressure are a thing, friends. Let’s not limit ourselves. Let’s do us!

Here I am in Paris for the fifth time and I am SO happy! For some reason, I am still not over this place. I get the same thrill every time and a boost of inspiration. It is indeed a place full of creativity and charm. With my bad French and all, I navigate the city and make the best out of it. Every time.

I do have to admit most of my visits are for very specific reasons. But, I wouldn’t mind just wondering around each time. But no. I am mostly here for fashion events and trade shows where I get to mingle and network a ton. I’m a fashion enthusiast, so this is where it’s at.

The moral of the story is for you to continue to embrace what your heart desires. Go revisit your favorite place and do all the things. Life is too short for us not to live our best life.